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 Our Queens

 We would like to introduce you to our Queens. All our Queens have been DNA clear on all Genetic testing. HCM testing is normal in all who've been tested thus far. Pra B-N/N, PKDef N/N.  Amy is our Queen on the cover page for Brazos Bengals. Amy is a snow sepia. She is a large queen with large two-tone dark spots  She is a very lovable queen. She loves being in your lap . DNA and other testing is clear.  



Amy come to us from oversea. She is a very Pretty Sepia Snow. She is a very Lovable Queen, she like to be in your lap and follows you around in the house.. Also is very smart can turn my water on in my sinks.

 PRA -b, PK-def, Felv, FIV Clear

HCM Normal 6/18/2023


 Art also came to us from overseas, She is a Brown with a copy of Charcoal, so she is a very dark Brown. She loves to run on the wheel, she is a very active Bengal,

PRA-b, PK-def, Felv, FIV Clear

HCM Normal 6/18/2023


She also cane from overseas.  She is very pretty Brown Bengal.  She is our main breeder for our brown traditional Kittens. Very contracting coloring with lots of Glitter

PRA-b, PK-def, Felv & FIV clear

HCM normal 6/18/2023


 Our Silver Queen, She is a very large Queen, like Amy.  She has produced us some very nice Charcoal/Silver kittens, as well as Silver.

PRA-b, PKDef, Felv & FIV clear

HCM normal  6/18/2023

Miss Daisy 

This is our very own Queen, that we produced here at Brazos Bengal. She is out of Alex our Queen and Sheldon our King.

PRA-b, PKDef, Felv & FIV clear 

HCM normal 6/18/2023


 This is our first G2/F2 Queen. She is a Silver Snow Lynx. We are so excited about her. She is a little on the wild side, in the way she moves around, she just has a different personality than a normal Bengal, but is very very affectional. She love being in your lap.

Thank you Nicole for trusting us with her.

PRA-b, PKDef, Felv & FIV clear

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