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 Our Kings

Welcome to our world of Kings. All our kings have glitter. All our males are:  PRA- B,  PKDef ,  Felv &  FIV  Clear.  HCM Negative 6/18/2023



 Baltazar is a very large mink. He has large two-tone spots out lined with brown. Inside of the spots is almost golden in color. He has a wonderful head, large body, and is very gentle. He is our gentle giant.

PRA-b: PkDef; Felv; and FIV  clear.

HCM 6/18/2023 Nornal 


Quincey is our Silver Male. He came to us from Bengal Kitys. As he grows will have new pictures of him. he is very gentle and sweet.  We are very excited to add him to our line of Kings. His DNA is here, he is Silver not Blue, PRA-b: PKDef; Felv; FIV and 49 other test Clear    At a  year he will have his HCM. 

IMG_0507 (1)_edited.jpg


 Captain came to us from Ukraine. He is our STB Cool Brown boy. He has a wonderful head, small ears, great body type, and has lots of glitter. He is a decent sized boy. As a caveat, just look at him, very nice face. All his kittens are guarantee for a year

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